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What Are Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy floors basically mean an epoxy coating has been applied to the concrete floor. These epoxy coatings are frequently used for commercial and industrial floors but can be used in residential settings also. These coatings will provide a high-performance flooring option for floors with heavy traffic.

Once the epoxy is applied it has a smooth, and durable surface that will last many years cutting down on maintenance cost. Epoxy floors also withstand heavy loads making them popular in garage type settings.

Epoxy is really a term that represents a certain class of materials and the result of using those materials. Epoxy can be either the basic components or the finished products of epoxy resins.

Epoxy resins are also known as polyepoxides which is a class of prepolymers and polymers that contain epoxide groups. Epoxy resins could be cross-linked with themselves or through catalytic homopolymerization. They can also be cross-linked with a wide variety of co-reactants.

The reaction of polyepoxides with hardeners or with themselves obtain the mechanical properties and high thermal and chemical resistance. Making the end product of epoxy. Epoxy is a very favorable coating and has been used as a form of glue.

Epoxy has various ranges of applications such as the commonly used floor coating. There are no water nor solvents in an epoxy floors houston coatings which decrease the risk of shrinkage.

After the epoxy coating is applied to the base floor a curing process will be followed allowing the floor to cure and become rock hard when finished. Epoxy floors have a mirror-like gloss finish but a non-skid additive can be used when mixing the epoxy to make a less glossy finish.

Epoxy floor coatings can be applied to wood, concrete, or even metal. It is a flooring option that is very highly recommended when the downtime of the space needs to be kept to a minimum.